Transforming Standards Development


The EDS has developed a 7-step standards improvement process that results in clear, precise standards for virtually all engineering, construction, operational and maintenance processes.


Evaluation (Audit or Survey)

The improvement process begins with an evaluation of the existing system. If a scope for improvement has not already been performed, EDS can perform an audit of existing documents or perform a survey to determine areas for improvement.

Surveys are beneficial because they involve a wide range of owner/operator standards users such as project engineers and refinery personnel.

The evaluation results can be presented to client and used to develop a scope of work for the improvement process. The features of the improved standards system are detailed in a set of control documents.


Control Documents

After evaluation of the existing standards system, the features of the improved system are developed and specified in a number of control documents that address management of the standards, document types and numbers, technical content, and editorial standards.

These control documents are also used to educate client personnel in the details of the improved system.

Control documents include:

  • Management of Standards
  • Document types and numbering
  • Technical Content
  • Editorial Standards



The format for all document types is developed and coded into templates.

The formatting scheme that EDS uses is optimized for company standards and codes requirements as numbered lists. Each requirement is uniquely numbered.

This approach allows for easy audit on projects to determine if each requirement has been met.



The editing step will be accomplished using the editorial standard developed in the control documents.

Our editing standards are developed to make requirements easy to understand.



Logic organization of content is checked.

Standards are organized in accordance with a logical organizing principle.



Standards should be subject to a formal approval process within the client organization.



Standards are released for use on projects.

Automation engineer, BG Group

My impressions of the document are very positive, pretty much everything I had hoped for.

Automation Engineer
BG Group

Standards Administrator

I really like the direction you took this and I am sure the documents will be clearer to the user in the end. I appreciate all of your efforts in making these documents better.

Standards Administrator

Standards Administrator, Conoco Phillips

The team was happy with the work and invite you to proceed as planned - and also to be open in your views of how we can improve these documents.

Standards Administrator
Conoco Phillips

Standards Administrator, BP

All of your suggestions greatly improve the documents and I would agree that all are worth doing.

Standards Administrator

TQP Lead, Chevron

EDS-Hyperspecs has completed an outstanding job for the TQP (Technology Qualification Process) Steering Committee and the Userís Guide has been Issued for Use on the internal Chevron website.

TQP Lead

Standards Administrator, Conoco Phillips

The review was positive and we would like you to continue with the format you have suggested for the rest of the documents. The format and changes suggested were seen as a good step forward and essential in framing the documents so that overlaps and redundancies among documents becomes apparent.

Standards Administrator
Conoco Phillips

Standards Administrator, BP

The document is much easier to read through now. Thank you for all of your efforts on cleaning this up!

Standards Administrator

Instrumentation engineer, Chevron

The feedback from your customers and the quality/efficiency that results from the combined engineer/editor approach is the right solution.

Instrumentation Engineer

Standards Administrator, BP

Just wanted to convey a special thank you for your prompt attention to this document. I have received some very positive comments regarding your work from a group that I anticipated would push back more than agree.

Standards Administrator

Manager, Chevron

Quality specifications are critical to obtaining the results we want from our engineering contractors and equipment vendors. EDS-Hyperspecs helps ensure that the specifications we issue get the results we need.

Manager, Engineering Standards (CES) Team
Chevron ETC.


The document edited by EDS-Hyperspecs is so clear it can be reviewed and updated in a day rather than in the week that it used to take.

Vessel Engineer